Black Citizens’ Super Citizenship Documents

Commander In Chief of the US, Union Republic Armed Forces

The POTUS Serves the Nation as the Executive “Body Guard” To Super Citizens, Because Its Destiny Is Dependent Upon Their Fate According
Section1 of the Act of 1866 – 14th Amendment 1868

Declaration of Independence 
Short Excerpt – Noting GOD
The Great Triple Amendments

Introduction to Triad
13th, 14th, 15thThe 1866 Civil Rights Act
Progenitor of the 14th
Foundations of Super Citizenship
POTUS Enforced Super Citizenship

Title Deed – Note & Key
To House-Palace of Justice
The Two US Houses
“A House Divided Against Itself”

2008 Apology Resolution HR # 194 (Simple)

The Preamble
Oaths of Office
The US Constitution

POTUS & Super Citizenship

Gettysburg Address
Lincoln’s Call to Finish the Task

“I Have A Dream” (full text)
Dream (excerpts)