Welcome To Heal America

“Take Back the 14 Amendment” 
 National Birth Right Citizenship & Identity Certificate
Black Lives., i.e., the Freed Chattel Slaves & Their Descendant Children Only

The Most Important & Sacred Matter To Black Lives of the USA

Reclaiming Our Nations’ Most Sacred
Moral High Ground

“We have to start a process where we take back our country." DJT

Rich Man Inflames It

 Civil Rights Homeless Activist Explains It

Without the 14th, black lives are lost, the republic is failed,
& 740,000 Civil War boys (N&S) will be dead in vain

 “White lives made black lives matter in the Union Republic of the United States of America” TH

Hear the healing truths concerning this usurped, nation-defining Law from a descendant of chattel slaves and actual Jim Crow survivor

This prescription heals our nation’s inherited  “house divided against itself” wound as we retake the moral high ground to affirm Birthright Citizenship granted to black lives by the sacrifice of young, innocent, white lives…evidence that white lives matter too.