Presidential E.O Promissory Note Proclamation


This Presidential Executive Ordered Promissory Note Proclamation, which based on the Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation, accomplishes the following, of which details can be later shared with your staff:

  1. Stimulates national, deep and needed, cordial-civil discussions on the merits of this super law of 1866, as to whom it specifically addresses, by whom and why it was legislated and what is to be expected of its correct demand for Presidential enforcement;
  2. Returns to the fore of discussion, three (3) obscured or minimized Congressional documents, that if revealed and enforced as ordered by We the People, could swiftly lead to white-black reconciliation and healing, as promised based on the proper execution of our republican form of government. “We have given you a republic, if you can keep it.”
  3. The 2005 US Senate Apology For Victim Lynching Resolution SB 39
  4. The 2008-09 Congressional Apology Resolution HR 194 Apology For Slavery and Jim Crow
  5. HR 40: Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act
  6. It will divinely endow you with the moral mantle of Abraham Lincoln, making lies of racist accusations, empowering your sworn before GOD duty to wield “the sword” of the supreme law of this land with impunity.

Note: Next to Jesus Christ/Yehusha, Lincoln is most endeared by black citizens, over and/or for whom circa 740,000, innocent, young white, American boys of both, north and south, as well as 38,000 blacks of such, perished in our sacred War to end the generations-destroying, industrial institution of chattel slavery.

Hence, We the People also understand that behind the ongoing fight over “race” in this country, lies the truth, that none of this has ever been about skin color or “race”.

The American Dream is about the responsible and noble quest of all US citizens to rectify the consequences of generations-ravaging laws experienced by the victims of such, i.e., chattel slaves, et al.

This is especially poignant in that, today their descendant children disproportionately lead all other ethno-racial demographic identities in nearly every negative, national, social statistics, the most egregious and ominous being that of black homelessness. See Unified Action Plan

Experience, not race (anatomical features), ethnicities, minority/majority status, religious, etc. identity, but rather that of involuntary servitude which has created the need for a particular special path to citizenship, whereby non chattel slaves descendants do not qualify, being of willing immigration (legal and illegal) heritage.

As a subsection of We the People, black citizens must be reborn of and into citizenship rights, by collectively, in body politic formation, recognizing our justifiable, birthright entitled benefits in this country, for the sake of the Union, without whom, the life of the republic shall perish.

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