Imperative: Comprehend 1866 Civil Rights – 14th Amend Act, Federal Super Citizenship Authority Status

United States, Union Republic Citizenship Passport

When leaving or returning to the United States Union Republic (USUR) of America, and while abroad, it’s necessary for its citizens to present US Passport Identity, based on governmental Certificate of Birth, in like manner, federal black citizens must, on a daily bases, conscientiously exercise their highly specialized, super citizenship authority within this nation.

The 1866 Civil Rights 14th Amendment Act of Federal Super Citizenship solely of/to/for black citizens whom are the descendants of chattel slaves, et al, its’ Subject Beneficiaries!

This Constitutional document is the Promissory Note, i.e., “currency” or “license” to Reparations, recovery and generational healing, etc., by which only super citizens are directly authorized to conduct economic, social, civic, political, religious, etc., business with and within this republic.

The Promissory Note, as prophesied by Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., of which he admonished us federal black citizens to “cash as a check at the Bank of Justice”, is essentially a domestic “passport” by which we traverse through the Union’s ideals saying, “…that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice”.

Apart from The Holy Bible, and our personal birth certificate, the most important legal government document for federal black citizens, the sole owners of the US Constitutional Intellectual Property Right (CIPR) that secures the blessings of Liberty-Freedom for ourselves and our posterity, is the April 6, 1866 Civil Rights-14th Amendment Act of super citizenship…affirmed by official Certificate of Birth.

The Congressional Act of federal super citizenship exclusively to black citizens is under the direct jurisdiction of the Executive Branch, protected the President-Commander in Chief, having being in technical residence in the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC.

This Republican Form of Government of Union of 50 States and its Territories has granted such immensely powerful, federal super citizenship status solely to black citizens because of their unique, 245 years, unwilling chattel slavery heritage, upon whose ancestors enslaved “backs” this nation of immigrants is built, and not because of race, i.e., anatomical features and/or characteristics, such as skin colors (shades), hair texture, etc., nor minority/majority status.

As a functioning body politic segment of We the People ordered “…to more perfect the Union, establish justice…”, subsequently black citizens, the Subject Beneficiaries of The Act, are the only Americans Constitutionally authorized to instruct the POTUS on when, how, when, where and what to do concerning their/our state and fate in this Republican Union of States.

For the sake of the Republic, by our survival and advancement to an experiential, “equal justice-protection under the law” citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” according to Section 1 of The Act, it’s imperative that every black citizen becomes fully cognizant of their unparalleled, super status.

Furthermore, the federal, black super citizens who profess to be Civil Rights activists, leaders or spokespersons, but are void of this knowledge and comprehension of it, don’t fit the qualifications, but rather, as such of a general status of activism.

Finally, though intended primarily for federal, black citizens of the chattel slavery heritage, is also a required imperative for every US citizen of willing immigration as well, to accomplish their charge “…to more perfect the Union” and “save and keep the Republic”, must have full knowledge and comprehension of The Act.