Take Back the Black Lives 14th Amendment-Birth Right Citizenship


Do Not Pirate Away the Birth Right Citizenship of Black Lives To Foreign Nationals

Identifying the law’s owners and Subject Beneficiaries whom are the freed chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, colored peoples, negroes-black Americans of African descent

Mission Statement
Ensuring that presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, fully understands the original meaning and intent of 14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship that finally the matter may be made clear to all US citizens.

The focus is on Mr. Trump because, unlike all others, he has courageously made the matter the center piece of his presidential campaign, for which we are most grateful.

While well meaning, if Mr. Trump is not fully knowledgeable of the matter, he may cause more confusion, and perhaps, unwittingly commit irreparable damage the understanding of the 14th Amendment, which will make our national plight even worse.

In doing so, the highest moral ground won to our country 150 years ago by the greatest generation in US history, which is the one in which 740,00, young, innocent white boys and men whose precious lives perished in the Civil War, will be retaken.

“For their sake, abolish not, nor alter the 14th Amendment Birthright Citizenship, simply enforce the sacred law as is intended”