The Power “Weapon” of The Act (A Study)

After decades of raising our clenched fist and shouting “Black Power”, in supposed resistance to the proverbial, racist, white supremacist “white man” of the USA, its ever evident that such activism did not, is not and will not manifest to black citizens the justice that we imagine.

It is evident that as of date, what few black citizens actually put the majority of their hours being socially active in our purported cause(s), tend to be reactionary and defensive.

Our Black Lives Matters

  1. Post a violent confrontation between primarily a black citizen and the police, whereby the former becomes killed or dies within law enforcement custody, a tiny certain of us, not all for sure, respond/react with the traditional antics of:
  2. news conferences, marches, vigils, riots with shouts of castigating white people, especially “the police” with accusations of racism;
  3. followed by endless, self-arguing, disuniting meetings and other relating events whereby new-media created celebrity “leaders” and organizations are formed etc.,
  4. only to witness that in a few weeks or months, these reactionary, supposedly movements gradually dissipate, evolving into activists competition, while fading away back into “business as usual” lifestyles, that is, until the next such incident.
  5. Further, even apart from social-civil upheaval incidents, the vast majority of said “black people” can’t seem to trust each other, especially with money, power positions, et al, to organize ourselves into effective, progressive bodies of politics, business, entertainment, social-civic accomplishments, etc.
  6. It is evident that “Black Power”, whatever that is, particularly being based on skin color and other anatomical features such as hair texture, is not the “magical” matter than transcend us out of our own, non-white induced, morasses of self-destruction, all the while berating the police, the white man, the government, the racist, and shouting “Black Lives Matter”.

Matters of Black Lives
Unlike the “Black Power”, so called “Reparations”, or even the legendary 1960’s Civil Rights movements, the matters of black lives endeavors is unprecedented in US history.

Not since our 1865 liberation from chattel slavery and the enactments of January 1, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln’s Executive Order of the Emancipation Proclamation; the Republican Party and Lincolns, Triad Amendments of the 13th, with particular emphasis of the 14th, the manifestation of the 1866 Civil Rights Act (The Act), and 15th Amendments, including the 1870’s Anti-KKK Acts, have such a movement been experienced.

The Power of the “Weapon” – [Can Arrest, Prosecute-If Guilty – Punished. The “Teeth”]
The implementation of this sacred, super citizenship Act to the chattel slaves and Freemen descendants, will transcend black citizens out and above their/our overly narcissistic, natural barriers of skin shades, social-civil status, religious, political persuasions, and fears and distrust by discovering the awesome authority and powers granted to us in the US Constitution.

Based on the Supreme Law of this Union Republic of the United States, i.e., the US Constitution, containing the one “hidden” 1866-68 Civil Rights/14th Amendment Act of federal, super citizenship status of black citizens…

…for the initial sake of them/us *“in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom”, as a united, effectively functioning, special, body politic of We the People, black super citizens are authorized with military support to conduct the following activities should our proposals for our “actual freedom” be refused, is the application of Section 2 of The Act:

“…any person who, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, shall subject, or cause to be subjected, any inhabitant of any State or Territory to the deprivation of any right secured or protected by this actsuch person having at any time been held in a condition of slavery or involuntary servitude…or by reason of his color or raceshall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished…in the discretion of the court.

Note: “their actual freedom” correlates with that statement of rights in Declaration of Independence, sentence 4, “…as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”
Whereas, chattel slaves, and Freemen were excluded from The First Supreme Law of this land, is it compensated by The Act based on the Emancipation Proclamation

Black Super Citizens Have Ultimate Power Over The POTUS
No federal official is above and/or exempted from the Constitutional Law, including elected Congressional (House and Senate) and Presidential appointed Cabinet Members and all of their staffs, as well as those of the Supreme Court, and even the military.

This matter military deployment by the POTUS’s for our “actual freedom”, includes State, County and Municipalities, as demonstrated by the Presidential actions of Presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower, Grant and of course the “godfather” of such, the original and trend setter executor of this duty, Abraham Lincoln himself based on the Emancipation Proclamation.

  1. Kennedy – June 10, 1963 sends federal marshals and army to force desegregate Alabama State;
  2. Eisenhower – September 1957 sends federal National Guard to desegregate Central High, Little Rock Arkansas
  3. Grant – The Anti-KKK Enforcement Acts,

A.  First, May 1870 – prohibited groups of people from banding together “or to go in disguise upon the public highways, or upon the premises of another” with the intention of violating citizens’ constitutional rights. Even this legislation did not diminish harassment of black voters in some areas.

BSecond – February 1871 – placed administration of national elections under the control of the federal government and empowered federal judges and United States marshals to supervise local polling places.

C.  Third – April 1871 – empowered the president to use the armed forces to combat those who conspired to deny equal protection of the laws and to suspend habeas corpus, if necessary, to enforce the act.

4.  Lincoln – “putting down” the first and original, State, i.e., Southern States Confederacy, organized, military forced insurrection for the sake of keeping chattel slaves April 11, 1861-June 19, 1865

Your Power Docs in Chronological Order

  1. Emancipation Proclamation – January 1, 1863, Transferred freed chattel slaves, and their descendants forever under the Protection of the POTUS and US Military
      • Based on the First and Second, Congressional Confiscation Acts
        1. First – August 6, 1861, one of the wartime measures designed to allow the federal government. i.e., Union armies to seize property, including slave property (chattel – living, human property – happiness) being used to support the Confederate rebellion.
        2. Second – July 17, 1862, was virtually an emancipation proclamation. It said that slaves of civilian and military Confederate officials “shall be forever free,” but it was enforceable only in areas of the South occupied by the Union Army.

The Triad or Reconstruction Amendments
A.  The 13th – Abolishment of Chattel Slavery except in prison December 6, 1865 Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865
B.  The 14th – Federal super citizenship of black citizens, July 9, 1868

      • Based on The 1866 Civil Rights Act, enacted April 9, 1866, (but not ratified until 1870

C.  The 15th – Black Citizens authority to govern via the vote February 3, 1870

The Anti-KKK Acts 1870-71

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