The Conservancy For the Preservation of American, US, Black Citizens
Los Angeles-Compton, California

The Hon. Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC

Re: Audience To Expect Executive Order To End Chronic, Sidewalk, Encampment Homelessness

Greetings President Trump, Shalom!

By right of the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights (The Act) of the United States Constitution, which authorizes citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” to/for the 1865, liberated, chattel slaves, et al, and their descendant children, i.e., black citizens, I being one of such, on behalf of We the People, whom are ordered “to more perfect the Union” republic, do hereby seek and expect, immediate, EMERGENCY-Crisis, audience with you.

Sir, according to orders in The Act of 1866, i.e., the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment, by which it is codified, enshrined, embedded deep within the US Constitution, charging the POTUS with specific orders to in essence be the Body Guardian & Protectorate in Chief of black citizens, We thereby expect of you, as our Public Servant & Protectorate-Guardian in Chief, to comply and execute the necessary Executive orders that will initiate the eradication of the dangerous, national security threatening, chronic, sidewalk, encampment homelessness throughout the republic, beginning with Los Angeles, California, as your national model.

The City and County of Los Angeles, dubbed the national capital of homelessness, including the California State Assembly, have each respectively, courageously, morally and legally declared  this human-made disaster, an EMERGENCY- Crisis, thereby triggering direct State (governor-led) and Federal assistance…albeit, not necessarily government donated money. 

Presidential authority, powers and leadership: 1) rebuilt post WWII Europe & Japan, etc., i.e., Marshall & McArthur Plans by Truman; 2) Eisenhower eliminated integration of Public Schools & destructed the KKK in the 1950’s; 3) Kennedy-Johnson led abolishment of Jim Crowism by the 1964 Civil Rights Act; 3) and the Hon. President Abraham Lincoln, personally issued and then executed the Constitutional, Declaration of Independence edict of the 1865 Emancipation Proclamation, and thereby personally orchestrating the victorious end to chattel slavery, and saving of the Union republic.

Sir, this scope of homeless demands the same kind of Executive authority, power and direct Presidential influence to be applied to this EMERGENCY Crisis matter, in California, Hawaii and nationwide, beginning in LA as the national model.

Sir, this form of homelessness is so vast, that of necessity, direct Presidential, leadership-action (as did the Hon. President Abraham Lincoln, who personally orchestrated the victorious federal government direction of the US Civil War), to effectively eradicate it.

Example: LA – the national capital of homelessness and that of homeless US Military Veterans
Poignantly, during a June 5, 2018, county Board of Supervisors session, after hearing sobering and daunting reports from staff about the improbability of the County resolving the said homelessness and housing EMERGENCY Crisis, the Hon. Supervisor, also friend of mine, Mr. Mark Ridley Thomas, a 14th Amendment, black citizen, i.e., descendant of chattel slaves, et al, within his special, Constitutional Right as such, courageously and passionately cried aloud, “We need…federal help.” Sir, with all due respect, he’s primarily talking to you, POTUS, to act according to the 14th Amendment-The Act.

An Alarming Demographic
According to research and what can be seen, Black citizens are only 8% of the LA county general population, yet they/we are circa 40% of homelessness; in the LA City proper, 9% of such are of the citywide population, yet, they/we, are circa 40% of the homeless; in downtown’s Skid Row, subsisting on filthy, city sidewalks, circa or more, 90% are black males, followed by females of the same, then they with children, a mixture of others.

By the way, black citizens are a mere circa 4% of the statewide population.  These are perhaps, the most vulnerable in the State.

Official, Government Sponsored Public Health and Safety Violation
Concomitantly, each of these California entities, grossly violate their own Public Health and Safety codes, and especially in the areas relating to requirements for operating homelessness facilities, which appear to be similar to those of the Black Codes-Jim Crow laws of the mid 19th, into that of the 20th centuries, supposedly to have been abolished since the1964 Civil Rights Act.

In fact, this EMERGENCY-Crisis threatening our national security, has dawn the attention of the United Nations as the worst poverty-homelessness situation in the western worlds, where it aught not be…Los Angeles.

Modern, Local Black Codes and Jim Crowism
The County of Los Angeles has zoning codes relegating housing of homeless persons within light and heavy industrial zones, where, for obvious reasons, residential is prohibited.

Furthermore, when a person(s) is sheltered, are they no longer homeless, becoming residents instead?   If so, that shelter facility remains in even more violation being in zoned for industrial area, thereby in legal jeopardy!

Given the demographic of the EMERGENCY-Crisis, such matters screams civil and human rights violation by local government, demanding federal involvement as well as investigation!

A Paralyzing Dilemma
Ironically, the California governmental entities which have correctly declared homelessness an EMERGENCY- Crisis, i.e., the state and county, is incorrectly allowing cities to officially operate Health & Safety Code violating, hence, illegal, outdoor, sidewalk-encampment, even “permanent” shelters throughout its cities, LA being the most extreme example evidence.

The sited reason to excuse this violation of its own codes and the edicts of the US Constitution, is due to the homelessness “civil rights” defense of necessity courts rulings, policies, which now are cultural-custom, whereby, judges refuse to prosecute homeless individuals charged with Public Health & Safety violations, until government secures for them all, descent, affordable, permanent sustaining housing, or temporary-transitional shelter…in descent neighborhoods.

However, the dilemma is the reality that the cities and county of LA, as well as the State, for various, explainable, Justiceville reasons, are unable to meet such a judicial demand, hence, the County rightly cries and pleas to the federal government, i.e., the Presidency, “EMERGENCY” for direct assistance.

These facts, Mr. President, correctly triggers Civil Rights concerns, particularly around the special orders issued to the federal government, specifically and primarily, to the President to deploy any means necessary, including the military option, that rectifies any actions, whether by persons, laws, ordnances, statues, even customs, which violates, even threatens the civil existence of the Subject Beneficiaries noted in Section 2 of The Act.

Enter President The POTUS
Sir, while there are three (3) sections being 4, 8, & 9 within The Act which specifically orders all sitting Presidents of the United States (POTUS’s) to forever (until the “great task before us” are finished) comply with, whereby he/she is ordered to protect and advance the citizenship of its Subject Beneficiaries, it is eight (8) which we draw you attention to, stating,

“…whenever the President of the United States shall have reason to believe that offences have been or are likely to be committed against the provisions of this act…it shall be lawful for him, in his discretion…for the purpose of the more speedy arrest and trial of persons charged with a violation of this act;

Note: “…it shall be lawful for him…” meaning along with measures ordered to the POTUS in this Section, are those of Sections 4 & 9.

My Qualifications
As our nations foremost homeless activist, due to my thirty-three (33) years of trend-altering activism in Los Angeles; the creation of Dome Village, the most innovative approach in US history to address sidewalk, encampment homelessness; and having the only “Big Idea and Bigger Dreams” national plan to initiate the eradication of homelessness, it’s incumbent upon me, indeed my patriotic duty to help you keep your correctly made promises to these truly “forgotten” Americans of this land of the free and home of brave.

Citizenship Duty
It’s the Preamble duty of this body politic consisting of my colleagues and I, to earnestly endeavor to work all inclusive, political partisan, manner with Los Angeles County, the City and State, as well as yourself, not being adversarial, as we do understand their dilemma and plight.

We humbly seek and expect immediate audience with your staff to share our versions of “Big Ideas and Bigger Dreams” as it relates  to the homelessness, particularly that of chattel slave descendants, et al, black citizens.

In doing so, you be confident to empower We the People to keep our “increase devotion” to local and national government in resolving this glaring, world renown, shameful, national security-threatening EMERGENCY.

To make arrangements and/or begin discussions, your staff can contact me at (c) 424-248-4219 or (o) 424-228-2394; or email Ted@TedHayes.us

In saluting your unusual, long overdue, Lincoln-ist, POTUS leadership, we thank you kindly for your consideration and cooperation.

GOD’s blessing be upon us all as We together, obey HIS Commands to us “…to do justly, and love mercy, and to walk humbly with your GOD.” [Micah 6:8]

Theodore “Ted” Hayes, Jr.
14th Amendment-The Act Citizen
The Conservancy To Preserve Black Citizenship

Agape-Shalom, Tikkun Olam!