Certificate of Nat’l Birth, Identity & Civil Rights of Black Citizens

A Super Citizenship Granted to the Descendants of Chattels Slaves, et al

The Birthrights of A People Born Under Federal Jurisdiction

Enforced By the Commander In Chief with Presidential Executive Orders

Declaration of Independence | Emancipation Proclamation | US Constitution’s 1866 Civil Rights Act, Sec. 4, 5, 8, 9 | US Supreme Court Upheld, Sec. 10

Born: April 9, In Congress by the Civil Rights Act of 1866 into the House-Palace of Justice

  • July 9, 1868, Ratified & Codified into Constitution by The 14th Amendment

Identity: Black African Descent, Involuntary Servants (Servitude), i.e., Chattel Slaves

  • Colored Peoples – Shades of Black Peoples Forced-Mixed With White-Caucasians
  • Six Percent (6%) of Transatlantic Slaves Cargo From Africa Into British-US

Civil: GOD-Endowed, Declaration of Independence Inalienable Rights Citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” Section 1 of 1866 Civil Rights and Section 1 of 14th Amendment

The Key & Title Deed to the House and Palace and Justice of Super Citizens

  • The Key – 14th Amendment Unlocks & Opens Door – Walk In
  • The Title Deed – 1866 Civil Rights Act Is Identifies & Describes Ownership

Three Consecutive, Interlocked Amendments of the Constitution

  • The 13th, Abolished Chattel Slavery in USA, Except In Prison
  • The 14th, Granted Citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens”
  • The 15th, Voting Power Authorized To Freedmen and Freemen (non-slave blacks)

The 13th Is Basis of 14th…The 14th Is Powerless Without the 13th…The 14th Is Also Base of The 15th…Without 14th, 15th Lacks Authority

US Super Citizenship qualifications

Super Citizenship Status Is Based on the Unique, Chattel Slavery Experience, etc., Not Race, i.e., Physical Features Such As: Skin Color or Texture of Hair, etc.

Everything That Super Citizens In The Household Needs and Desires, Including Reparations; Judicial, Social, Economic and Political Justice, Is In The Key and Title Deed.  This Is Yours.  Paid by Civil War Blood. Utilize It Fully, With Honor and Deep Respect!  “In Memory of Our Ancestors”

The National Conservancy For Black US Federal Citizens

Los Angeles, CA.  Visit www.The14th.US