The Role of the Democratic Party

Ironically, and surprisingly the Democratic Party, via its 2020 Presidential candidates have, correctly, legally and morally made reparations to black citizens, intended or not, the center of their electoral agenda.  This is their ultimate undoing, as the Party must address its role in:

    1. chattel slavery
      245 years, peculiar industrial institution of generations-destroying chattel slavery;


    1. The US Civil War To End Chattel Slavery
      organizing the Southern Confederate States of America (SCSA), and its anti-Declaration of Independence and Constitution rebellion against the Union republic of the United States, which led to the so called “Civil War”…the greatest and most significant military conflict in US history, all others combined;


    1. The Historical Origin of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
      created to terrorize the Freed and Freemen, et al, including white republican allies with the intent of denying black citizens, the equal education, especially the skill to read, as well as the abridging of other Constitutional inalienable rights.  This uniquely American element of willing immigration heritage, covertly and stealthily still exist, as revealed by the corpus delicti –“body of evidence” demonstrating the appalling state of chattel slave descendants, et al, under the yoke of the Democratic Party;


    1. The Black Codes of 1865
      legislated local, i.e., municipal, county and state legislated Black Codes, the precursor or progenitor of Jim Crowism, which lasted between 12 years from 1865 thru 1877; and one of the reasons for the then, Republican Party enacting of the 1866 Civil Rights-14th Amendment, to combat such attacks upon the Freed and Freemen;


    1.  Birthing Jim Crowism
      birthed the generations-destroying, so called Jim Crow law of former, militarily defeated SCSA, legislated racism of racial segregation, and discrimination against black citizens from 1877 thru 1964…87  years, combined with the 12 years of Black Codes totals 99 years;


Note: Lil Jim’s birth was the result of an illicit relationship between the Democratic and Republican Parties by which they mutually conceived a “child” that would bring joy to them both, as it resolved the freed chattel slaves and Freemen, et al, Negro/black citizen “problem”, entitled the Democratic-Republican Compromise of 1877;

6. Fifty-four Years of Failed Government Social Policies and Programs
From 1964-65 thru 2019, which is 54 years of the failed Economic Opportunity Act, i.e., “War On Poverty” designed to rectify-repair-restore, i.e., reparation the damages of the past damages from 1620 to 1964.

Note: All combined of 245 years of chattel slavery, plus 99 years of Black Codes and Jim Crowism, the 54 year “war on poverty”, is a total of 400 years.
Note: Of the 400 years, 345 have been under the yoke of two forms of government sanctioned slavery, they being, chattel, i.e., living, human property and Jim Crowism, leaving a mere 55 years of legislated freedom.  It’s no wonder, that black citizens have the issues that we have.

All these years, totaled to 400 of inhumane, generations-destroying oppression, exposes the Democratic Party as being the primary American cause of systemic racism today.

Remember: Reparations is the rectifying of maladies of “today”- present generations, of the wrongs of “yesterday”- those of the past: therefore, was the evil deeds of the Democratic Party of “yesterday”, that has caused, Democratic Presidential candidates to cry for “Reparations NOW”.

Think carefully and slowly about it!

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