Tweet POTUS Donald J. Trump

“For This Cause, They Died”


The 14th Amendment-Birth Right Citizenship Collaborative
The We the Peoples Republican Union of the United States of America

Greetings patriots, Shalom~

As a descendant of chattel slaves-Jim Crow survivor, I am deeply concerned about the state of my people of such experience, particularly as it relates to the matters of refugees, and illegal immigration invasion-occupation, especially that Anchorism (anchor babies, et al) which the foreign usurpation of the 14th Amendment-Birth Right Citizenship.

We appreciate Mr. Donald J. Trump bringing the matter to forefront of the presidential campaign, and subsequently the nation and the world.

We are very concerned that if Mr. Trump doesn’t fully understand what he is speaking of, his use of it at this time could very well do more harm to us blacks for whom the highly special law of “equal protection-justice” is intended, thereby further jeopardize US national security.

Therefore, please take a few minutes of your time to help get Mr. Trump’s attention concerning our US 14th Amendment-Birth Right Citizenship by tweeting him this general message…


“Hear Ted Hayes- Black, Civil Rights & homeless activist with 14th Amendment plan to end racism &Heal America”.

Other examples of tweets

“Hear Ted Hayes- Black Activist with 14th Amendment plan to help heal & make America great again.”


“Hear Ted Hayes- Black Activist with14th Amendment plan to Heal & Unite America.”

Several individuals have already joined a collaborative (see attachment) to discuss with him the full understanding of the 14th Amendment, of which the leadership includes: former, Ariz. Senator, the Hon. Russell Pearce; Secretary of State of Kansas, the Hon. Chris Kobach, and myself.

Note: In tweeting this message to Mr. Trump, utilize this link

Note: There are two places to tweet, they being located under his photo having 123 characters and the other in the upper right side corner near your own picture, has 140 characters.   Utilize them both. Be creative as you may have extra characters to work with.

After you have done tweets, please also Facebook him with same message. Again, be creative and do so often until responds to me.

The intent here is to bombard him with this message from patriots around the country.   Therefore, please share this strategy with your family, friends, colleagues, associates, et al.

Note: Also, do the same with his son, Eric via this link

GOD willing, Mr. Trump will heed our call and contact us.

Thank you kindly for your assistance in this matter.

Ted Hayes

14th Amend-Birth Right Collaborative

CHNC – Capital Hill National Caucus

Agape-Shalom, Tekun~Healing