FLASH BULLETIN: Ted Hayes Affirms – USA Is Indeed, A Systemic Racist Society Part I

Ted Hayes Affirms:
USA Is Indeed, A Systemic Racist Society
But 95% of All Americans Are Not
Part I

The Real American Racist
While it’s the strategist of the liberal-Democratic Party to historically “flip-the-script” on the real, rooted foundations of todays “systemic racisms” against black citizens, the Republican – Conservative leadership, black and white, ignorantly continues to deny such reality.

Classic history reveals that it was actually the Democratic political entity that advocated and legislated the 245 years, British Empires’ generations-destroying chattel slavery, succeeded by 99 years of Black Codes-Jim Crowism, as well as creating its domestic, terrorist, military arm of the KKK, including the last 58 of deliberately failed, government social policies and programs f primarily found in America’s urban centers, which is totally undeniable.

Yet, as though these generations-destroying abuses never occurred, therefore, not having any negative effects of the present, the conservative-Republican elements ferociously attest that systemic racism is no longer existent, adding all things now, especially since the deceptive 1964 Civil Rights Act, are fair and just.

“Lets’ Talk About It”

Whereas a genuine apology is an important and necessary first step in the process of racial reconciliation; Whereas an apology for centuries of brutal dehumanization and injustices cannot erase the past, but confession of the wrongs committed can speed racial healing and reconciliation and help Americans confront the ghosts of their past;
(2008 Apology Resolution HR #194 For Slavery and Jim Crowism)

Indeed, the Democrats have practiced and continue to practice the systems of racism as the sin of commission, it is rather their counterparts, i.e., conservative-Republicans who are committing that of omission, which for obvious reasons is actually worse.

As former, US Attorney General, under the Obama Administration proclaimed by Presidential approval, that America is a nation of cowards because we refuse to have a deep discussion about it, of which conservative-Republicans have needlessly run from, but is actually the best gift for them to finally counter the continued racist antics of the  Democrats.
(See “Lets Have That Conversation Now” at http://mattersofblacklives.com/that-con-now/)

However, let it be made clear that while, yes, naturally, after 402 years of unrequited injustices of generational consequences for both black and white Americans, is systemically racist, 99% of them are not so.

Instead, as all peoples of every ethno-racial identity, social class status, etc., Americans too have bigotries, prejudices, likes-dislikes, loves and hatreds, which is only normal, human maladies, that can and must be rectified as civil beings.

Known for not slinging racist slurs at anybody, with what many, especially honest, objective and socially convicted, white peoples can firmly affirm would be justifiable if he did so, given the 402 years history of the two sets of very divergent Americans as noted by the resounding, though empty, national and global cry of “Black Lives Matter.”

Classical, historical racism in the British Colony/USA was a high disdain, even unwarranted hatred by white-Caucasian, European-based Americans against those of black-Negroid Africans but founded upon phony genetics and twisted Biblical doctrines, was demonstrated for 349 years (1619-1968).

However, since the early 1950’s, into the mid and late 1960’s, particularly immediately post the 1968 assassination of Rev,-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., over 90% of white American have evolved from such foolishness, and embraced the correct mindset of social conviction, not to be confused with guilt, but have never been taught as how to deal with it.

Instead, certain African-American leaders, not knowing either how to fully address the generational troubles of black peoples, having nothing to do with whites, government or even the two main political parties, rather, continued to smear Americans and the police with the notion of “white guilt” and self-hatred.

Of course, such practice took on psychological (emotional, mental), economic, social, political impact on both white and black citizens.

While most Americans, both white and black are tired of the antics of  racism and seek to be co-equal humans as declared in the Declaration of Independence, they are entrapped in a system of racism without really knowing it.

Naturally, all human beings have prejudices, etc., having nothing to do with biology, but rather, education, social class structure status, customs and cultures, etc.

Learn The Truth
The rapidly aspiring, nuance, Civil Rights-Homelessness activists, teaches every Sunday at 10:00 am Pct & 1:00 pm Est, at his www.UrbanSmartNetwork.com broadcast, “Your Power ‘Weapon”.

Here, he expounds with the confident eloquence of a University Scholar (though not, but rather, a hard studied layperson), concerning the true, but seemingly allusive, Black Power of America, that’s been “hidden”, even codified, enshrined, embedded, and deeply buried the US Constitution.

It is no wonder that certain Democrats espouses to black citizens to not take the US Constitution seriously because we/they are not in it, whereas the total opposite is true, whereby we are the very center, heart and soul of this Supreme Law of the land.  Just got to look for  what hidden in plain sight.

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