The Promissory Note Resolution

This commitment is to our mutually conjoined ancestors, they being the 740,000 innocent young white boys and men, including the 38,000 blacks killed, including Abraham Lincoln in the US Civil War to end chattel slavery (1861-1865) about, over and for us, as well as all US citizens whom suffered and perished in said matter from that unprecedented time, to the late, Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who coined the timely correct phase, “Promissory Note” as the currency-“check: that only we can “cash” at “the bank of justice…that will give us upon demand, The RICHES of FREEDOM and The SECURITY of JUSTICE.”

Whereas, this year of 2019 is the 400th year in which Americans within the jurisdiction of the United States Union republic’s, being under the direct protection of the Presidency, as a collective, generational body politic;

Whereas, We the People black citizens therein, being descendants of Africans slaves purchased from the ancient African & Islamic Slavery Trade by Christian, Jewish slave merchants driving the Transatlantic Commerce industries;

Whereas, these said African slaves were brought to America against theirs wills, shackled in chains, to serve first British, then post 1776, US white citizens of willing immigration heritage, as living human property, i.e., chattel slaves, upon whose ancestors backs this “nation of immigrants” is built;

Whereas, of the 400 years of said Americans’ non-immigration existence in this land, only 55 have been absent of the 2 consecutive government legislated slaveries, they being 245 years of chattel slavery (1619-1865), and 99 (1865-1964) of Black Code-Jim Crowism, totaling 344;

Whereas, respectively both, unrequited, the devastations has continually been increasing upon the descendant generations, as stated in the 2008-09 Congressional Apology For Slavery and Jim Crow Resolution HR #194 (Simple)

“Whereas African-Americans continue to suffer from the consequences of slavery and Jim Crow–long after both systems were formally abolished—through enormous damage and loss, both tangible and intangible, including the loss of human dignity and liberty, the frustration of careers and professional lives, and the long-term loss of income and opportunity

Whereas, in the earnest effort to rectify the 245 years of chattel slavery, in the midst of the war to end chattel slavery, dubbed, Civil War (1861-1865), President Abraham Lincoln issued his Executive Ordered, January 1, 1863, Emancipation Proclamation;

Whereas, acting as Commander in Chief of the US military, Mr. Lincoln personally led the Northern Union armed forces in victory over that of the rebellious Southern Confederacy, thereby ending the peculiar, industrial institution of generations-destroying chattel slavery;

Whereas, chattel slavery was abolished in the United States in December 6, 1865, by the 13th Amendment of the Constitution;

Whereas, We the People white citizens, via a super citizenship was bestowed upon the freed (from chattel slavery) and freemen by the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the Progenitor of and morphed into the 14th Amendment’

Whereas, the14th Amendment provide the authorization for the freed and freemen to participate in the governance of both black and white citizens, via the 15th;

Whereby, the first Civil Rights Act-law in US history is the foundation of all succeeding such laws and movements;

Whereas, it is the National Birth and Identity Rights Certificate solely and exclusively to US black citizens, by which they are authorized, empowered, licensed to conduct business with and within the USA, including negotiate reparations

Whereas, the crux of the US Constitution, hence, the fate of the Union republic, lays upon the backs, therefore, continued consequential existence and Civil Rights, super citizenship of black citizens, by Presidential Executive Ordered enforcements as intended;

Therefore, be it resolved, that in this 400th commemoration and celebration of black citizens heritage in America, finally, after 155 years since its enactment in 1868, as a collective body politic, we now re-claim, claim for the first time our rightful, super citizenship status in this Union republic;

Whereby, in order to boost our national campaign drive, according to Section 8 of the Act, we call upon and expect of the Presidency of the United States to issue an Emancipation Proclamation based Presidential Executive Order proclaiming the merits and identity of the official Subject Beneficiaries of the Promissory Note Amendment-Act, as being black citizens, i.e., descendants of chattel slaves, et al.



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