The Promissory Note Petition

We the People of the United States, black citizens undersigned, do embrace, declare and proclaim the Constitutional entitlement that attests to the super citizenship authority within the Civil Rights Act of 1866, the Progenitor of its own 1868 14th Amendment, as described, as well as mandated to its sole Subject Beneficiaries, the descendants of chattel slavery, Freemen (non slave Negroes-black), refugees, et al.

Therefore, we now hold this truth to be self-evident, particularly in light of what the late Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., describes in “I Have A Dream”, as the “appalling condition” devastating black citizens, resulting from societal dysfunction to enforce the 14th-Act, i.e., “cashing” of the “Promissory Note” at the “Bank of Justice”.

Ted Hayes Civil Rights-Homeless Activist – Justiceville Los Angeles, CA Ted@TedHayes.US


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