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The 14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship Collaborative of The We the Peoples Republican Union of the United States of America

Re: Take Back the Black Lives 14th Amendment-Birth Right Citizenship Identifying the law’s owners and Subject Beneficiaries whom are the freed chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, colored peoples, negroes-black Americans of African descent


You are cordially and passionately invited to join the collaborative effort to take back the 14th Amendment, the official National Birth Certificate and Identity Rights of black lives, dubbed “Birth Right Citizenship”, for foreign nationals and their babies-children, i.e., Anchorism.

To reach our noble objective of salvaging the Union of our United States of America from ever growing threat of dissolution by foreign elements such as the socialist driven Anchorism as Birth Right Citizenship for foreign nationals illegally within our country, it is our intent to educate presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump on the matter.

It is our great concern that if Mr. Trump doesn’t fully understand and comprehend the matter, he may cause more, and perhaps, irreparable damage to the 14th Amendment, which will make our plight even worse.

This effort is not a show of support for his candidacy, but rather to ensure that he or anyone who touches this issue becomes fully aware of what the 14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship is, who owns it and benefits from it, the babies of foreign nationals or freed chattel slaves, Freemen, refugees, colored peoples, i.e., negroes-blacks of African slavery descent.

Professor John Eastman, former Arizona Senator, Russell Pearce, myself and our many colleagues, to yet to be named, request your direct participation with us in helping to convene a private session with Mr. Trump to ensure he does correctly understand the matter of Birthright Citizenship, and has a winning strategy for it.

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“Take Back the Black Lives 14th Amendment Birth Right Citizenship”

Also, view the Ted’s notes to Mr. Trump

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Ted Hayes