The House-Palace of Justice

The Golden Key & The Title Deed-Promissory Note
Black Super Citizens of the United States of America

Note: Title Deed – A legal deed or document constituting evidence of a right, especially to ownership of property.

The House – Special access to Declaration of Independence citizenship rights

The Key – The 14th Amendment, evolved out of the 13th, and is the base for the 15th

The Title Deed PN -1866 Civil Rights Act identifies and describes the legitimate home owners

The US federal government, via the 1854-56 Republican Party built a special house of refuge, vindication, and advancement within the House of the Union Republic, is specifically designed for American, black, citizens upon whose ancestors’ backs this nation of immigrants is constructed.

Within this house are the amenities of Reparations (a Republican idea); social, economic and political justice, as well as anything other thing deemed necessary for the freedoms and advancement in the Union House “as is enjoyed by white citizens”.

Note: “Reparation” is a Republican term and idea, as it was the concept behind the 12 year Reconstruction Period lasting from 1866 thru 1877. Though it objectives were never fully met, essentially, the Period was the Reparations I.

As a result of not being fully aware of the enormous authority and power housed in the house built for them, American black US citizens have never accessed it, subsequently foreign entities have illegally entered or broken into, and are pilfering the amenities contained with it.

Despite the reality that these foreign entities are within the house and exploiting its interior, they nevertheless have no legal standing to be in there, even though the proper owners of it are not accessing their amenities as they should.

Nonetheless, these entities don’t possess the key or deed to the house, hence, they are thieves and robbers that must be immediately apprehended and removed out of it.

Whether they are so called “illegal aliens” utilizing the Civil Rights Act and legacies, particularly that of the 14th Amendment, which is the key to the house; or minorities ranging from legal immigrants to LGBT, wealthy white women, foreign refugees, peoples of color, disabled, et al.

Two scenarios of house break-ins:
Through windows, back doors, etc.
2. Stolen, found or coerced the key – the 14th

Note: While the key may be stolen, found or coerced to break into the house, nevertheless, the intruders are in illegal possession of the property, as they don’t possess its Title Deed, because its description of the owners doesn’t title them as such, but rather the Americans of chattel slavery heritage.

Sub Note: “coerced” – wounded, ill, disoriented and delirious from pain, and “intoxicated” with identity loss, the legitimate property owners are being coerced to either give, share their key with the various “hide-behind-blacks” coalitions such as, that of “brown-black”, “peoples of color” (rainbows); and/or to not reveal to them the existence of both, the key and title deed.

Note: the term immigrants, legal and illegal; Hispanic/Latino, i.e., Mexicans; Asians; minorities – majorities; religion; LGBT; or refugees, other than the freed chattel slaves; et al, are not even mentioned in the deed, as is the Indians (Native Indigenous Peoples), but in passing…Section 1 of the Act and 14th, is offspring.

Note: Subsequently, by order of the Constitution, enforced by the Commander in Chief, the federal Marshals will take the key away from the intruders and return it to those whom are the legitimate possessors of the Title Deed…Section 2, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 of the Act.

Note: Chattel slave descendants are “homeless” in America, because they have not rightfully and fully utilized their Key and Title Deed to the house built for them.

Note: It is betrayal and therefore unlawful, and moral wrong to their chattel enslaved ancestors, the 740,000 boys and men who gave their lives in the US Civil War, including Lincoln over this matter, as well as the republican architects who built the house, for black citizens to either give, loan or even share the key with those whom are not identified and described in the Title Deed.