PLEASE HELP: The Promissory Note Project – Teaching The 14th Amendment by Ted Hayes

Shabbat Shalom, everyone,

Please see the attached video promoting the Promissory Note Project, which is about the authority and power of the 14th Amendment.

The 14th is the official, US Constitutional, National, Birth and Identity Certificate granted exclusively and solely to/for the freed chattel slaves, et al, and their descendant children, i.e., black citizens.

Note: This special law specifically “conceived in liberty” and “dedicated to the the proposition that all human beings are created equal”, granted to the Subject Beneficiaries, i.e., black citizens, is not due to their race (skin color, and other distinguishing anatomical features and character); nor ethnicity, nationality, religion, minority/majority status, but rather, the unique way in which this land of immigrants purchased their ancestors as slaves from the ancient, African-Islamic slave trade, then brought unwillingly, shackled in chains to serve Americans of willing immigration heritage as living, generations-destroying, human property.

Note: For 245 years, these Americans were born and died in chattel slavery, which is why the Republican architects legislated this super law, understanding that such will harm devastating effects upon black citizens for yet, untold generations to come.

Note: In fact, the Civil Rights of 1866, the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment, by which it’s codified-enshrined within the Constitution, thereby making the Subject Beneficiaries of the law’s ten (10) sections, the most spoke of Americans in it….except in in two (2) places where “white citizens…and white persons” are discussed, Sections 1 and 2; and one (1) whereby the “Indians not taxed” (Indigenous Peoples), Section 1.

As the contents of the Promissory Note Project becomes reality and American, US citizens become acutely aware of this “hidden”, and until now, secret law, they will better grasp their purpose as We the People…to more perfect the Union, and take the brave, courageous and appropriate actions to enforce the 14th Amendment as intended, thereby saving the Union through keeping through keeping the republic.

By this super special, certificate law, black citizens are:

  1. 1. empowered with certain authority to conduct official business with and within the US republic, particularly via negotiations with the Presidency;
  2. that they may significantly assist in the work “to more perfect the Union”;
  3. hence, as a specially classified American peoples, they are promised and destined to experience “equal justice-protection under the law”, United States citizenship “As enjoyed by white citizens”.

Note: Such a destiny is enacted by Section 1 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment, by which it is codified-enshrined in the Constitution.

The dissemination of the information contained within the Promissory Note Project needs your and that of your associates, financial partnership.

You may go the Promissory Note Project Go Fund Me Fund at Click here to support The Promissory Note Project organized by Robin Wraight O’Bannon

Ms. Robin “Sarge” O’Bannon is doing a great feat of moving the Promissory Note Project forward…won’t you please help her.

Thanks and blessings

Ted Hayes

US 14th Amendment Citizen

Agape-Shalom, Tikkun Olam

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