Trump/Lincoln File: POTUS Donald J. Trump The Second “Lincoln”? Perhaps!

On The Fourteenth of April the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment Was Cut Off

In the year 2016, Donald J. Trump was elected by Electoral College, President of the United States (POTUS) that GOD, the Central Figure-Person of the Declaration of Independence, may utilize him to resume and complete the work that engulfed the life of the Sixteenth US President, Abraham Lincoln, on the evening that he was suddenly cut off by assassination on April 14, 1865.

Mr. Trump says, “I seek to emulate Abraham Lincoln, the greatest President in US history and even do better than the Sixteenth President”, meaning that  he wants to pick up where Lincoln, the great emancipator of the Union’s chattel slaves, his number one mentor, was cut off.

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The Second Lincoln
We the People now give order to POTUS Trump to don the mantle of the Union and become the Second Abraham Lincoln.

We call upon Mr. Trump to live up to the greatest political honor any ruler can achieve, in US and World history.

POTUS Forty-Five, can accomplish this much needed mission by becoming engulfed with the determination to successfully finish what Abraham Lincoln and those 740,000 young, innocent, Anglo, English speaking, white boys and men (of willing European immigration heritage), including 38,000 blacks of such (of unwilling chattel slavery), gave their lives over, because of and for.

Immersed-baptized in the “waters” of the original, 1854-56 ideals and sole mission of the Republican Party, filled with the zeal to heal the “house divided against itself,” wound that the Union republic was born with in 1876, inherited from the British Empire.

On the fateful, sudden, history altering evening, slightly underneath the his conscious of enjoying a comedic stage play, engulfing the heart-spirit, soul-mind & emotions, body, i.e., inordinate aging, and life of the Sixteenth POTUS was:

  1. concern for the then state and generational fate of the recently liberated chattel slaves;
  2. as a first step, gaining, ensuring and empowering their existence with a specially designed, super citizenship;
  3. that which cost him his life, authoring the new, black citizens the equally participate in Declaration of Independence governance of the Union, “as is enjoyed by white citizens”, via the responsibility to vote. Section 1, 1866 Civil Rights Act (The Act)

By the Courts of Heaven, regardless of what POTUS Trump does thinking that he is MAGAING (making American Great Again), it’s only when he returns, even via his own Lincolnist professions, back to the shocking nightmare of April 14, 1865 to finish where Lincoln was cut off, will America be great again. (See Maga)

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