Trump/Lincoln File: SHOT- IN THE BACK OF HIS HEAD: The 153rd Commemoration of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln, The 16th President of the United States – POTUS 45 Trump Proclaims…

Today, April 14th Is the First Day of the Assassination and Funeral Season
Ending May 4th (20 days) of the  Late, Great Abraham Lincoln POTUS # 16
Emancipator of the Chattel Slaves – Savior of the Union Republic

“I want to be like Abraham Lincoln, and even better”
President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States

One hundred and fifty-three (153) years ago today, the US President that earned the title, Great Emancipator, as the greatest political hero of black citizens, and Savior of the Union Republic, Abraham Lincoln became the property of the Ages, when he was assassinated by an “A-Lister”, Broadway-Hollywood type, star, celebrity of the day.

Apart from seeking comic relief from a stage play at the Ford Theater in Washington, DC., President Lincolns’ soul, mind and heart were totally engulfed with the flames of concern for: the recently freed chattel slaves, due to the Union victory over the Confederacy, et al, securing their experiential citizenship “as enjoyed by white citizens”, and authorizing them to co-govern “white America” by the vote…which the was the ultimate reason that caused his murder.

Therefore, yet to be finished is “that cause” of Mr. Lincoln and those circa 740,000, young, innocent white boys and men, plus the 38,000 blacks, whom in giving “the last full measure”, died in the US Civil War because of, over, and even for, the only Americans held in 245, generations-destroying years of chattel slavery, is  yet to be finished.

“Make America Great Again?” “Bring to me Big Ideas and Bigger Dreams”

Like no other POTUS since Lincoln, followed by Ullyssis S. Grant, Mr. Trump has trumpeted directly to, about and on behalf of American, black citizens, i.e., descendants of the freed chattel slaves, et al, saying the following: (paraphrased)

  1. “I want to be like Abraham Lincoln, even better than.” Meaning that he seeks to complete “that cause” for which he and those boys and men gave their lives.
  2. “Black citizens, you suffered for decades, if not longer in the inner cities, etc., because Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are bigots.”
  3. “Illegal immigration hurts black citizens more than anybody else, and I’m building a border security wall, thereby signaling that I’m going to end it an protect you from foreign invasion-occupation, as well as stealing your 14th Amendment, specialized citizenship, your National Birth and Identity citizens’ certificate.”
  4. “Let me help you. What have you got to loose.”

The greatest era in US history, is the one between 1854-56, the birth of the Republican, established specifically to stop and end chattel slavery, and thereby become the grand guardian of the republic and perfecter of the Union; and April 14, 1865, followed post Lincoln assassination of December, 1865 13th Amendment, 1866 Civil Rights Act, 1868 14th Amendment, 1870 15th Amendment; 1870-71 Anti-KKK Acts, etc.

Highlighted by the 4 year, civil war (1861-1865) over chattel slavery, it was time in which this young, Union, republic was struggling with its identity according the Declaration of Independence, which would determine its destiny as a nation viewed throughout the world.

More personnel perished in the US Civil War than all military conflicts, domestic and foreign combined.

In this season of the assassination of Abraham Linocoln, POTUS, let’s help Donald Trump to fulfill his quest.

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