“THE LAST FULL MEASURE” Blog-Talk Radio Broadcast

Introducing: “THE LAST FULL MEASURE” Blog-Talk Radio Broadcast

From the Abraham Lincoln, November 19, 1865 Gettysburg Address

Featuring: Eric Johnson, American patriot activist – US Citizen
Ted Hayes, America patriot activist – US Citizen

National Named Guests: To be announced

Episode 1 http://tobtr.com/s/10658669 | Episode 2 http://tobtr.com/s/10682113  Episode 3 http://tobtr.com/s/10698211

Topics are based on website www.The740000.com, which expounds on the meaning of the US Civil War and Abraham Lincoln era,    when America Was Truly Great with the matters of today, such as: The true authority of the 14th Amendment1866 Civil Rights Act; understanding and applying the admonition of the Gettysburg Address;  Ethno-racial healing between white and black US citizens; eradicating the world threatening ravages of global homeless beginning with the Los Angeles model of Justiceville; resolving immigration (legal and illegal) concerns, particularly as it relates to the only Americans of non willing immigration, i.e., the innocent, unwilling, descendants of chattel slaves; the Middle East; US governmental affairs (domestic and foreign); religion or spirituality, etc., etc., etc.,

Also visit www.The14th.us

This site presents information and video clips that expounds the original intent of 1866 Civil Rights Act (The Act), the Progenitor of the14th Amendment, its by which it is codified-enshrined into the US Constitution, is National Birth and Identity Certificate of citizenship, devised and enacted solely to/for the Subject Beneficiaries identified and described in The Act as the Americans freed-liberated from chattel slavery or involuntary servitude system; Freemen (non slave blacks); refugees (of the Civil War and originally Africa); and colored peoples (slaves and Freemen of various shades of black, i.e, African-negroid Americans, of forced, sexual mixing by the primarily white men upon black slave women).

Therefore, the law that essentially empowers-authorizes the Subject Beneficiaries to experience “equal justice-protections under the law” citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” [The Act, Sec 1] is the grand-godfather, foundation, root of all succeeding Civil Rights Laws and movements in the United States, including the famed, 1964 Act which among other matters, ended racial segregation between white and black citizens.

Note: This system of racial segregation, lasting 87 years (1877-1964) was specifically designed to abridge Sec 1 of The Act, hence, the same of the 14th Amendment, thereby exacting generational damage to black citizens, known as Jim Crowism.

Note: The generational damages of 87 years of Jim Crowism is overlaid on top of yet untold generations of devastation resulting from 245 years of chattel slavery.

As all other ethno-racial groups in the USA are of willing immigration heritage (legal and illegally), whereas, the Subject Beneficiaries are that of unwilling, generations-destroying chattel slavery, for which the laws was granted, and race, i,e., skin color and other anatomical features; ethnicity, religion, minority/majority status, etc.

Upon this little known Constitutional law now hangs the destiny of the United States depending on when, how, and what attitude that it’s embraced and executed.


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