Reparations Matter, PART IV: A Republican Ideal

Contrary to erroneous popular belief, the matters of racism, the 245 years of chattel enslavement of American black peoples, the emergence of the Black Codes, KKK, and Jim Crowism of 99 years and origins of the US Constitutional law of the 14 th Amendment -1866 Civil Rights, i.e. the Promissory Note, popularized by the late, Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., which is the “check” for Reparations, has been twisted.

It has been erroneously rendered that, the Republican, instead of the Democratic Party, is the culprit of chattel slavery and white supremacy over black racism.

While in actually historical truth, it’s the Republican Party which congressionally enacted the Promissory Note, being the 14th Amendment, and hence introducing the concept of Reparations, as evidenced by the failed Reconstruction Era attempt, lasting from 1866 through 1877, totaling 12 years.

Though having its beginnings in 1792, the Democratic Party was greater established by President Andrew Jackson, in 1828 into the 1830’s, the primary supporter of chattel slavery.

Whereas, the Republican Party being established in 1854-56 for the specific purpose of ending the Democrats unjust hold of American’s in chattel slavery.

Eventually, the arguments of these two divergent political parties eventually erupted in the “hot” Civil War over and for the Americans of chattel slavery heritage.

Therefore, Reparations is actually a Republican ideal.

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