PART III: Democratic Party – Political Master of USA Chattel Slavery

Remarkably, most descendants of the chattel slaves i.e., black citizens, unwittingly see themselves as loyal to the Democratic Party and a staple political source to Democrats and not even know why!

It is the Democrats who take the voting power of the chattel slave descendants for granted and according to historical fact, are also the cause of their cries for “Reparations Now”.

“Reparations” is the present, i.e., “today’s” call for damage repairs caused in the past, i.e., “yesterday”.

It was the Democratic Party, in the so called conservative, Bible-Belt southern States of the past, i.e., “yesterday” (1620-1865), which espoused the belief that the GOD sanctioned practice of generations-destroying chattel slavery, which causes the call for reparations “today.”

The Democratic Party waged a bloody rebellion against the Union of States (commonly and erroneously known as the Civil War) in the name of GOD, Country, and 10th Amendment States Rights, etc., in which over 740,000 all but 38,000 were killed with millions more wounded and maimed (physically and mentally) for life.  This way above total of all other US military conflicts combined.

According to the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which is codified into the Constitution as the progenitor of the 14th Amendment, which granted US federal citizenship to the freed chattel slaves, that same vindication is extended to their first generation children and succeeding generations of descendants to this day as well.

In fact, when Section 1 of the citizenship Act for the freed chattel slaves is fulfilled, that is an experiential “equal justice under the law” citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens”, the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence with Whom this new nation has a business contract with, will then be appeased, and all Americans will achieve America.

Furthermore, the Democratic Party, the old and continued enemy of the chattel slaves descendants, also fear that they will discover how the Democrats for the last forty (40) years (* as Malcolm X proclaimed) has “hood winked”-“wool pulled” over the eyes, and “bamboozled” them concerning their relationship.

Democrats know that a mass Black exodus from their party would literally be the end of it.



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