Part I: The Last Civil Rights Battle

Commenting On This Union Republic Continuing Civil War, Abraham Lincoln quoting Jesus Christ/Yehusha Meshiach
Identifies the USA as “a house divided against itself” (drafted 11/19/05 revised 05/05/2019)

The present day matter of Reparations to the descendants of chattel slaves, Freemen, et al, is perhaps, the last Civil Rights Battle for the identity and soul of the We the People, United States of America, Union republic, particularly, we black citizens.

From its very conception and inception, the erroneously purported, “nation of immigrants” has been in a state of civil war between two different ideological opinions on the matter of chattel slavery, i.e., living, human property.  Such is a “cold” (mostly) and “hot” (once 1861-1865) civil war.

Quoting Jesus Christ/Yehushah Meshiach, President Abraham Lincoln identified the Union republic as “a house divided against itself”…not between so call black/ Negro-Negroid and white/Caucasian – Caucozoid Americans, but rather, that of whites versed whites, over blacks.

This year of 2019, is the 400th commemoration and celebration of the multi-ethnic-cultural, mix of ancient, Hametic, Negroid-Black, West and Central African Slave Trade heritage, held in captive as living human property under the consecutive, governmental jurisdictions of the British Empire (1620-1776 being 156 years), the United States of America, Union republic (1776-1865 being 89 years), totaling 400 years;

Therefore, the question of reparations to the descendants of these highly special, aforesaid Americans, born within this “one nation under GOD”, on a national scale, is timely and appropriate.

Reparations is simply the action of REPAIRING-RESTORING-HEALING the past damages, including those of long gone generations; therefore mental and emotional healing of “wounds”, such as ethnic, racial, etc.; which is redemptive reconciliation.  See, “The 2008-09 Congressional Apology Resolution for Slavery and Jim Crow”

Finally, the Democratic Party, via its 2020 Presidential candidates have, correctly, legally and morally made it the center of their electoral agenda.

As GOD, Who in the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, being The Supreme Arthur of the universal, time transcending principle-law of reparations!  See “GOD Is the Author of Reparations”

Ironically, the doom-trending circumstances of the chattel slave descendants, et al, whereby their political, economic, social, US identity statuses are severely threatened, is the corpus delicti-body of evidence that they are in, particularly as it relates to the homelessness of blackish, US citizens.

While reparations is simply a “fun”, jousting subject for various political and social factions, for us chattel slave, et al, descendants, it’s the ultimate “civil rights” cry for justice.

Let be understood, that notion, ideal, precept and in many cases, geo-political law of reparations is, not a new or novel idea, but rather, the normal, universally practice of civilizations beings the beginning of human societies.

Within the USA, the ideals of reparations was the concept and implementation of the Democratic Party in 1866-68, nor even the freed, black chattel slaves, et al, themselves, but rather, that of the Republican Party, which was established in 1854-56 for such a purpose.

America is not experiencing a massive outcry by the chattel slave descendants for the Presidential execution such a true Biblical precept, as well as Constitutional law, in this Judaic-Christian nation, is because they have been sensibly taught it.

And of course, many of us believe that reparations, whatever it means, can never happen anyway, because the proverbial White man won’t allow it, so…“why bother?”

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