Black Citizen’s National, Birth Right Campaign

Objective: To Help Save the Union of the United States
Strategy: Heal America from its chattel slavery-race wound
Theme: The 14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship
Targets: The trio of foreign incursion


We the People patriots of the Birth Right Committee are developing a national body politic that enforces the 14th Amendment as originally intended for the freed chattel slaves, et al of 1865 and their descendant children, as long as the imperfect Union of the United States “shall not perish from the earth”.

  • “et al” – Along with the freed chattel slaves are the Freemen, refugees, coloreds, that is, mixture of white slave masters and negroes-black slave women

We recognize that while conservatism is a wonderful lifestyle to be emulated, it is not republicanism, nor is liberalism. However, a republican person or organization can have either conservative or liberal values as long as they/it adhere to the two phase mission of the Republic.

The Mission Purpose of American Republicanism
The actual, Constitutional described duty of the republican Guardians of the republic which is the perfecting of the Union is a two phase mission, it being:

First, Ending and abolishing chattel slavery which was completed on April 11, 1865, by the Union victory over the slave holding Confederacy; and the enacted of the 13th Amendment on December 5th of the same year!

Second, Ensuring that the freed chattel slaves, et al and their descendant children EXPERIENCE “equal justice-protections under the law” US citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens”.

Whether having membership in the political entity establishment of the RNC or not, republicans are the designated guardians charged to perfect and protect the sacred, socio-political ideals of the republic, particularly as it pertains the matter of chattel slavery and its nation-destroying generational aftermaths.

The term “republican” is derived from the fact that the Union is a republic, and the architects of the of the original 1854-56 Republican Party, which let the country to end chattel slavery by winning the hot, civil war, and enacting 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, as well as anti-KKK legislation, thereby are the founders-owners of the Civil Rights legacies.

Note: The three, consecutive, conjoined, interlocked Constitutional Amendments are:

  1. 13th, the abolishing of chattel slavery;
  2. 14th, granting Birthright-citizenship to the freed slaves, et al and their descendant children;
  3. 15th, granting voting authority to the new citizens.

The correct and proper enforcement of the 14th Amendment will have the following results, they are:

  1. Stopping the three main, racist, “hate America”, foreign incursions of “illegal immigration” including Anchorism;
  2. Islamic Sharia, Jihad;
  3. socialistic infiltration since the 1850’s, now at the very heart of US central government, i.e., Barack Hussein Obama as POTUS

Note: Each incursion heavily relies on the our nations’ greatest weakness which is that of the unhealed, chattel slavery-race wound inherited from the British on July 2-4,1776, whereby POTUS Abraham Lincoln identifies the United States as “a house divided against itself”.

  • Healing the chattel slavery-race wound, that draws the incursion “vectors” of nation-destroying, social disease

Note: As blacks, i.e., chattel slave descendants, et al, will be influenced by our defense of their most sacred matter, which is, their birthright citizenship, they will return en masse to the house of Republicanism, thereby granting shielding to the “sword” of the law wielding patriots.

The Incursion Claims
When confronted by patriot citizens, such as government officials sworn before GOD to defend and protect the Constitution seek to stop their invasion and/or remove the occupiers, the primary weaponry of the incursions are:

  • pleading racial profiling and discrimination, as well as religious bigotry, particularly as it pertains to Islam;
  • claiming minority status, whereby they demand the very special Civil Rights benefits and protections guaranteed to the freed chattel slaves and their descendant children, i.e. black US citizens.

Advocates narrative for the incursion is as follows:

“You whites are against us minorities breaking your laws, subjugating your culture and religion, because you are self-centered, racist bigots, whom treat us the way you have and are treating the blacks.”

The incursions are shielding behind the race (skin color and other related bio-physical features different from white-Caucasians) chattel slave descendants, and the Civil Right benefits and special 14h Amendment protections granted them by primarily, circa 740,000, young, innocent white boys and men, plus 38,000 blacks, both of the Union and Confederate of the Civil War whom died because black lives matter.

Until now, the incursions have successfully gained illegal entry into the USA by craftily using the “race-card” or race-baiting against a people who are insecure about their national, patriot identity as well as duty to the Republic Union, and suffering from the acceptance of a projected, thereby, self-perceived image of so called American-white, race guilt.

It is the intent of the 4-DIP to destroy this weaponry by issuing a clarion call that educates patriots throughout the nation to the authority and power of 14th Amendment enforcement as is intended.



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