The Promissory Note Objective

The nationwide Promissory Note Education Campaign, is educating what the US Constitution says about American, black citizens of the United States, Union republic whom are of the systemic-creating, 245 years, industrial institution of chattel slavery, and not that of willing immigration, including Freemen (non slave black) et al.

Based on their chattel slavery experience, We the People authorizes by constitutional entitlement, enormous rectifying, reconciliatory, super citizenship power, solely and exclusively black citizens, via the 1866 Civil Rights Act (The Act), codified into the Constitution.

Regardless of skin shades, etc.; or political and religious affiliation-persuasion; social, economic class status from the prison to the pulpit, and every sector in between, has the sacred right and duty to know of the incredible things said of them in the Constitution.

For the first time since the law was bestowed upon our chattel enslaved ancestors 153 years ago on April 9,1866, this effort has the great potential to naturally form a unified body politic of We the People black citizens.

For sake of national security, based on the Abraham Lincoln January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation, as Commander in Chief, back by the armed forces, this President shall likewise issue a complimentary Executive Order Proclaiming black citizens as the sole Subject Beneficiaries of the law’s super citizenship authority and power, as thrice ordered in the Act for Oath of Office fulfillment.

This Promissory Note “arms” black citizens, and particularly activists with the “weapony” to finally win-overcome in our generational, 400 years long fight for total, experiential freedom “as is enjoyed by white citizens”, according to Section 1 of The Act, including the credible license to negotiate the matters of reparation for 245 years of chattel slavery, 99 years of Black Code-Jim Crow legislations, and 58 years of failed governmental, social, regenerative programs.


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