This US Constitutional Law of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, the Progenitor (parent) of the 14th Amendment, i.e., The Promissory Note, is this Union Republics’ federal government of We the People’s prescription and operational procedures for the rectifying, repairing healing processes is solely and exclusively for the victims of the nation’s 245 years, generations-destroying, peculiar industrial institution of chattel slavery, including its generational aftermaths, such as the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), as well as state, county, municipal legislated racial discrimination against “black citizens”, upon whose ancestors backs our purported, nation of immigrants is built.

If taken by unqualified persons, this particular rectifying remedy will render them into a generational disaster of untold and immense proportions, as the usurpation of this law by such, is illegal, and spiritually immoral.

Subsequently, there will be divine reprisal and retribution to those who persist in such US Constitutional and spiritually moral rebellion.

Americans of willing immigrant heritage can’t and mustn’t take the prescriptions that belongs solely and exclusively those of the freed chattel slaves, Freemen (non slavery blacks), et al, neither, can the latter partake of that which is of the former…lest they perish.

In other words, “What’s good for the goose, is not necessarily good for the gander”; or, “One persons’ medicine, is not another ones’ poison.”

Circa 740,000 young, innocent, white boys and men, of the Southern Confederacy States and Northern Union-Federal Government, plus 38,000 blacks of such, perished in what has been dubbed, the “US Civil War”, or “War Between the States”, or “War To Stop The Confederate Rebellion” but was actually, the War To End Chattel Slavery and Defend the Declaration of Independence,  specifically for, over, about chattel enslaved Americans.

Such is the sacred value that GOD has placed upon the consecutive-and concurrent, interlocked, Triad Amendments of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments.

Anyone who violation and transgression against HIM, Any unqualified-ineligible person(s) or demographic group whom justifies themselves to usurp these sacred laws, is the ultimate practice of national identity theft, thereby is a systematic, stealth-like ethno-racial cleansing of black citizens, the descendants of chattel slaves, upon whose backs this erroneously purported, “nation of immigrants” is built, out from all American society, subsequently leading to their actual genocide.  Whoa be to those whom violate this sacred trust.

If you are a US, black citizens, and are choosing to not honor your citizenship, but choosing rather to be of another identity, that is fine and there is no ill will towards you for making such a choice.  After all, this is the United States of America, Union republic…land of First Amendment freedom and liberty.

Thanks for your kind, considerate, and sensitive cooperation in this most crucial matter of black lives, by not taking the healing “medicine” heritage of our identity and lives, but rather, seeking your own, as we will assist you in such.

However, if you are not of the chattel slave heritage, but insist on usurping that which is not yours, then do what you feel you must do, and reap the consequences of your behavior.

Blessings of GOD and be of good health and prosperity.

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